Qadventure ® Maldives is established as a subsidiary business venture of VSTC Private Limited. It aims to actively implement operational standards and relevant corporate policies and coach employees through the transition and manage resistance. Qadventure Maldives aims to be established as the finest water sports facilitator in the Maldives.

Qadventure Maldives will be specialized in water sports center operators in the tourist resorts in the Maldives. This will be powered by VSTC's actions request system which combines all aspects of water sports and apparel retailing management customer service. Qadventure Maldives will be dedicated to delivering to quality, customized water sport products with cost effective advanced solutions to its clients through the comprehensive and successful deployment of VSTC Investment’s action request and packaged strategic actions applications.

The fundamental belief that Qadventure Maldives resources must be implemented strategically with current market standard, ensuring the solutions they implement will not only meet the clients current needs, but are also scalable to adapt to future requirements and performance objectives.

Hence, Qadventure Maldives aims to offer a wide range of services from product requirements analysis to end user training and including complete management manuals. Specialty includes:

  • - Water sport operations and management
  • - Water sport product and textile retail service
  • - Water Sport Center: management planning
  • - Operation manual development
  • - Custom design water sport management training and consultation.